Young Mama

This season is short, but it’s heavy. The phone is ringing, the baby’s crying, and dinners burning on the stove

The truth is, I just wasn’t ready. But we’re all here now, it’s life so step up. Keep going, no one has to know

I’ve said it before, it’s hard for me. It’s a passing thought, let it go, move on. Hold out until daddy gets home

Pushing the brink of sanity, I struggle to see the light at the end, the days ahead look monochrome

It’s only a season they say, enjoy each minuet, or else you’ll miss it. Before you know it they’ll be grown

But isn’t it easy, for you no longer in it. What’s it like to sleep all night, and wake up on your own?

To shower, read, and drink your tea. Your time is yours, do as you please, but don’t judge me before you know

Young mamas love their babies, even when it’s hard. We have bad days, and that’s okay. We cry, we learn, we grow

There’s nothing like the first years of life, they test us, they bless us, and sometimes it gets harder than we show

So hold on mama, you’re doing just fine. Your best is good enough, and it’s true that the seasons come and go.

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