9 Pieces – 27 Outfits

Minimalism is new to me so I’ve been playing around in my closet. I have always loved fashion and creating outfits, but I recently have become just overwhelmed with having too many clothes and nothing to wear. Minimalism appeals to me because by having fewer items, but making sure they are quality and look great on you, makes it easier to choose an outfit that you love quickly in the morning. Last month I did a 30 day challenge where I only wore 33 items, including accessories and shoes. I wanted to see if I could really downsize my wardrobe, and that seemed like a good place to start. I still kept all of my clothes, because at the end of the challenge I knew I would have a better idea of what I got the most use out of and wanted to keep. I still have a long ways to go with my wardrobe, but little by little I’m getting there.

Just for fun and inspiration, last night I took 9 items and tested their versatility. Let me know which look is your favorite!

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