Water your Garden

I have been finding myself, a lot lately, wondering what is wrong with me? I’m anxious, fatigued, and sometimes even nauseous. I worry for a split second that something is seriously wrong, and then I remember oh yeah, I am not sleeping enough, eating enough [foods with nutritional value], or drinking enough water; all while working, cooking, cleaning taking care of an infant, and trying to be a good wife. Maybe that’s it.

As momma’s we tend to take care of everyone else’s needs before our own. But there comes a point where we’re unable to effectively do that. If you don’t water your garden, it will not produce anymore; it will just die. And that’s the way you need to treat yourself.

You guys, I’m tired of feeling so run down, so I’ve come up with 3 practical self care habits that busy momma’s can incorporate into their routine, that will change your day. Face masks and manicures are a nice idea, but in my world, they do not make the cut.

1. Drink more water.

Literally water your garden. This is the single most important habit, and yet often, one of the more overlooked necessities in life. Since having Gavin, I will be honest, I am terrible at drinking water. I get to the end of the day and realize that I’ve had maybe a glass or two, and then I’ll chug another and call it a night. I know my lack of water is contributing to, if not causing, my headaches and fatigue. So making that a priority, is, well, a priority. One thing I’ve started doing, is making sure I always have a full water bottle within arms reach. Fill them up and set them in different rooms if you have to, and as soon as it’s empty, refill it.

2. Podcasts, Music, and Audio Books

I could write an entire post about how podcasts alone have improved literally everything about my life. The reason I include them in this list is because it’s so easy. If you’re a mom you’ve probably realized by now that the days of watching an entire episode of a show on Netflix, or sitting down and reading a book, are over. Your day is full of interruptions and never ending tasks. But you can put on a podcasts any where any time. I listen to them all day long; in the car, while I’m shopping (with headphones), while I’m cleaning, changing diapers, cooking dinner ect… And the thing I love is that you can find ones that are positive, encouraging, relatable, funny, inspiring, i.e. whatever you’re interested in, trust me, it just adds a pleasant element to your day. Music is also a good option you can use the exact same way. It’s amazing how having something you enjoy in the background of changing a diaper, makes the task that much more enjoyable.

3. Five minuet Yoga

I used to loveeeee doing yoga. It was so relaxing, and also a good work out if you did the right classes or videos. I have tried doing videos at home since I’ve had Gavin, let’s all laugh together… okay so that was in no way relaxing or effective. And during nap time you have a million and one other tasks waiting for your attention, or you just want to sit and breathe in the silence [girl I feel you]. But this yogi girl on YouTube has a whole series on 5-10 minute yoga and it is life. Just trust me, if you’ll give up 5 minuets of your time to breathe deeply and stretch, you’ll feel at least 50% better no matter what the rest of your day is like. Do yourself a favor and search Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

As a momma, especially of infants, you can’t always control things like getting enough sleep, but the little things that you can control make all the difference. I hope this was helpful to some of you, I really believe that they are simple but effective. Even when my day is being ran on 4 hours of sleep, and full of blow outs and teething nightmares, if I incorporate these things into it, my mood is instantly shifted into a more positive place.

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